Visual Arts

Just as our church’s architecture shapes our movement in worship so the visual arts throughout our space deepen our experience of the beauty and mystery of God’s presence among us. Whether through colorful banners or altar hangings, paintings, needlework, floral arrangements or dance, communion ware, baptismal font, clergy robes or stoles, we are visibly reminded of the unending cycle of stories of our faith: the preparation for the birth of Jesus during Advent, the celebration of that birth during Christmas and Epiphany, the revelation of Jesus’ lineage at the Transfiguration, the penitential season of Lent, the joyous rebirth at Easter, and the call to new life and mission during Pentecost.

Over the years we have commissioned artists for some of our pieces; others have been created by gifted members in our midst. Some we have crafted together in community as an expression of reverence, memory, and thanksgiving. Yet others have been memorial gifts presented by family members. Each artistic endeavor in its own way links us with the stories we tell and retell throughout the church year.

Quilts of the World – a video showing casing the amazing work of Katie’s Quilters, a group that met weekly – even during the pandemic – to create beautiful, hand crafted quilts to send to our partners at Luther World Relief.